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this video is ICONIC


Bryan Ferry Orchestra - Young and Beautiful (jazz cover of the Lana Del Rey song)


Fiona Apple - “Hot Knife” 

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

(Source: youtube.com, via lesbowie)

To this day, I will pretty much forgive Christina Aguilera for anything because she made this song/music video. 

(Source: retrodreams)

This is by far NOT my favorite song on Body Talk, but holy fuck, she is so precious I can hardly stand it!

 Want: one Konichiwa sweatshirt.

"Chaiyya Chaiyya"

Dil Se.Always and fucking forever.

"I Remember"

"Walk The Line"

"Don’t text about thinkin’ about singin’ about touchin’ it!"

Anton Karas’s “The Third Man”

This. is. perfection.